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Taking your meds, with style March 10, 2009

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I’m keeping my posts today short and sweet.  Since this latest flare, I’ve gone back on a variety of meds and a LOT of supplements and vitamins.  I was needing something to carry them around in since I have them split up over the course of the day, but I wasn’t finding anything fun.  I should admit here that I have an addiction to Etsy.  A serious addiction.  But, as related to this, in my Etsy browsing, I came across an artist selling decorated pillboxes.  And better yet, she’ll work with you and customize them!  They really are pieces of art, very pretty, yet sturdy enough to use daily and chuck in the purse on the go.  I started out with one, now I’m up to 4 (variety of sizes for daily use and long weekends) and am gifting them.  If you’re like me and like unique, practical, useful things (but with style), check out this site!  If I can figure out how, I’ll try to post some pictures of mine too…