Taming the Wolf

The ups and downs of life as an early 30s career girl trying to balance the various demands of life, including fibromyalgia. autoimmune and dietary issues. Somedays I succeed more than others, but it’s an adventure…

My Life Works Today May 20, 2009

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I had the honor of being asked by Maria over at My Life Works Today to be today’s guest blogger.  It’s a wonderful site and a great web resource that I highly recommend checking out.  There have been a series of guest bloggers throughout the month, all with wonderful and unique perspectives and views of dealing with chronic illness.  Thanks, Maria, for the opportunity to be a part of My Life Works Today, and welcome to those who wander over this way for the first time.


The Spoon Theory March 10, 2009

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An excellent, well-written piece describing living with lupus.  Well worth reading and sharing http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/the_spoon_theory/


Find a Lupus Walk near you

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Support the Lupus Foundation of America and those you know and love affected by lupus…find a walk near you and participate!  http://www.lupus.org/walk