Taming the Wolf

The ups and downs of life as an early 30s career girl trying to balance the various demands of life, including fibromyalgia. autoimmune and dietary issues. Somedays I succeed more than others, but it’s an adventure…

Trying Again… August 15, 2009

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We’re going to give this a shot again.  Maybe not that often, and probably not on any one topic or the other, but I think I’m feeling the desire to rejoin the world of semi-anonymous ranting and ravings and commentary 🙂  Things are busy right now, which means I probably won’t get back into writing for a while, but it is something I enjoy doing.  I hope that everyone is enjoying the summer, it’s amazing how quickly these past few months have flown by.  With that, back to work, enough of a break for now


The weekend April 10, 2009

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Happy Easter to all.  We aren’t doing too much this weekend, although it’s busier than it seems it should be for a holiday.  Thanks to a combination of health and procrastination, I have to do our taxes this weekend, and have some work to do, and my husband’s parents are in town babysitting for our niece, and I need to do some sewing, and … the list just keeps going.  The big event on my calendar for tomorrow though is acupuncture appointment number two tomorrow.  I’m apprehensive, and I probably shouldn’t be.  I am so paranoid though I’m goin to get another migraine afterward, although I know that the first appointment was just sort of a perfect storm of feeling like crap to make that whole day miserable.

So I’m extremely hopeful that I will wake up tomorrow headache-free and will continue that way throughout the day.   I’m preemptively starting to push fluids already, and will have a gatorade ready to take with me tomorow.  Of course I left my food journal at the office today I was supposed to bring with me, so that will be an added trip downtown tomorrow to go get that, unless I can rack my brain and try to remember all my meals since Monday.  Knowing my memory and how foggy it is, odds are slim to none.  That’s why I write things down anyways!


Blogging about lupus, fibromyalgia, and attempting to stay sane… March 5, 2009

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Over 10 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, lupus, and a variety of other related ailments.  After several years of dealing with specialists, medicines, and generally feeling like a combination guinea pig/pincushion, I was lucky enough to have the lupus generally go into remission.  Over the course of the following years I managed to deal with issues as they arose…migraines here, pain medicine there, sleeping all I can.  Learning to listen to my body was probably one of the most important steps.  Through the years I overeducated myself at a number of universities, joined the professional world, got married, and life went on.  In many ways, I think I fooled myself into thinking that I really didn’t have lupus or autoimmune issues, and that I had everything else under control (more or less).

Over the past couple of months I’ve realized how wrong I was though.   While it started out slow, the flareup finally got to the point it couldn’t be ignored and I’ve started a new round, in a new state, of doctors, testing, and specialists.  It’s been a rough couple months, personally and professionaly.  While it could be worse, that doesn’t make it any easier to sort through mentally and deal with physically at the time.  I’ve been fortunate these past couple weeks though to find a few kindred spirits in my adopted home here, women who also deal with the challenges of lupus and arthritis.  Talking with them has made me, and I think them as well, realize how much it means to just talk with others who understand!   Finding out you share the same aches and pains and issues eases the mind somehow, just a bit.

In addition to that, talking treatments, therapies, options, etc. has been hugely helpful.  No one is the same or reacts to treatments the same, but knowledge is power, and since the treatments are limited (it’s been 50 years since the last FDA approved treatment for lupus!), at least on my end I want to hear what all the options people are trying are.  Research has been a challenge too, particularly as I consider alternative treatments.

All of this was a long intro to why I bit the bullet and joined the world of blogging.  I want to try to connect with others who understand, others who want to understand, and the mildly curious.  More than that though, I wanted a resource to try to connect ideas, thoughts, treatments, and anything related.  I’m not a support group kind of girl, unless it’s the virtual kind here.  And I’ve not enjoyed trying to find information in chat rooms or message boards.  My goal here is to share what I learn and uncover, but even more, I want to hear from others.

I promise to attempt to keep future posts shorter, particularly since I tend to ramble.   Please comment and share thoughts as this adventure goes forward.