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Yoga March 7, 2009

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Today was my weekly yoga class.  I’ve gone two weeks in a row now, after a month away.  I feel mixed on the benefits.  I know that it’s good exercise and it’s good to get myself moving.  I do feel somewhat “stretched” after I’m done, which is a relief, and I love the relaxing at the end (although I have to be sure to keep myself awake!).  I’ve noticed though that it’s hard on my hands, my fingers and hands tend to swell the afternoon/evening after.  And the worse I’m feeling, the shorter the time period that the yoga stretch seems to last.  Has anyone else had much luck with yoga or other types of classes like this?

My instructor is a huge inspiration I have to say though.  She has RA and through yoga (for a large part) is medicine-free.  She said today that she knows that at some point that will likely have to change, but it’s still amazing to me that she’s able to manage her condition in this way (and be so darn flexible!).  Gives me a bit of hope that it is possible to manage auto-immune conditions, to at least some extent, without havin to rely on drug after drug after drug.